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Channels to Join Bose.X

Joining as a sub-branches of Bose.X

We welcome you all to discover the path that can lead you towards your goal and help you to become leaders of tomorrow. Bose.X is a student initiative to inculcate the research temperament in Indian universities/institutions from the undergraduate itself. Research is about collaboration, and if we can set up multiple Bose.X branches across India, it will unquestionably give long-term results. 

Interested groups from Universities (ONLY) can mail at For other groups not affiliated to university please refer collaboration section

Joining Bose.X as an individual undergraduate and graduate student

Application submitted only via the prescribed form will be considered for further evolutions. Forms can be submitted year-round. Forms are available on Please do check the basic prerequisites before applying.

Collaboration with Professors, Senior researcher(s), Postdoc, PhDs, experienced graduates

We welcome Professors, Senior researcher(s), Postdoc, PhDs, and experienced graduates to join hands in the mission we aim to achieve. Please mail us directly at

Joining in for the short project*

Anyone can join for short-term projects depending upon the vacancy. Please visit this page.

Independent Collaboration

Bose.X is focused on establishing a strong undergraduate research culture and it is difficult for us to do accomplish this objective singly. Groups who are interested in joining hands and supporting us in advancing it to distinct boundaries are free to mail us at The groups interested in collaboration need not be research-intensive organizations.

We are looking for collaborations with individuals, organizations, and companies sharing the same/similar values and proposes to grow our ecosystem. If the above-mentioned channels don’t fit you, feel free to write to us. (

General instructions for all

1. Don't join, if you think or follow any of the below,

  • If your target for joining this group is to write a research paper directly

  • Everything will be conveyed by senior/mentor/lead.

  • If you are not interested in learning.

  • If you think that, every time senior/lead/mentor will call you and ask for progress.

  • If you are too rigid in learning, let say if you are in the mechanical branch and your problem requires coding or chemistry or something which you are not interested in.

2. Working Independently: A clear view of Bose.X

  • We don’t believe in spoon-feeding, and it must not be practiced for the healthy growth of each member. That's why the term independent is mentioned in our bio. Once you joined, it is requested that everyone be clear about this and make it clear to others.

  • One should also consider that not everyone is meant to be fully independent; some of us might be having enough potential to perform the given work effectively. In contrast, some of us may have an absolute or leading quality, so we must respect everyone and channelize to all under this independent umbrella.

3. Always ask the following four questions to yourself,

  1. Are you self-motivated?

  2. Do you work best at your own pace?

  3. Do you require regular feedback in succession to make progress? 

  4. Do you work effectively, when provoked by others?

If the answer is yes of the first two questions then you can work independently.

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