"The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them".



Bose.X is an independent multidisciplinary research organization, and a cultivating think tank platform through which student researchers can prepare themselves to tackle future challenges.


What we do

Bose.X was established to support the undergraduate research environment in Indian universities/institutions. We essentially intend to encourage undergraduate students with learning, research, innovation and eventually assisting them in scaling their ideas. Unlike their majors, students from different disciplines are associated together to curate their ideas under lead, co-lead, and mentors. 

We also strive to highlight the necessity of quality research under national interest at different reputed Indian institutions and organizations via setting up the local sub-branches through this organization. In the long term, our primary goal is to improve India’s global research scenario. Bose.X is open for every research enthusiast and welcomes everyone to make it an emerging multidisciplinary research platform of India.

Our Goal

Having open access and India's federal ecosystem for research in natural science advances and other emerging technologies by the year 2025 with the goal that each intrigued dedicated individual, group, and establishment can be effectively part of the environment. Promoting research at the undergraduate level will be our prime interest. Its long-term goal is to create multiple Satyendra Nath Bose and C V Raman like scientists for India, as the name of the group indicates.

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Logo Explain

1. The first letter in the logo is a symbol of TRIAC (triode for alternating current) is a universal label for a three-terminal electronic element that transfers current in either direction when triggered. In our logo, its full form is Training for Research Innovation and Commercialization.

2. The second letter is symbolized via Black Hole's cartoon picture.

3. The letter S denotes the up-down quantum spin.

4. E with euro sign is holding the spirit of commercialization.

5. The letter X means the multiple of Bose and the whole word Bose is inspired by S.N. Bose.


I personally love the fact that you people are actually collaborating and publishing research. That's simply awesome!!

Surendra Padamata

PhD, Penn State Univerity

I really liked the idea of you guys started this research group allowing students to work on their research interets irrespective of their technical background. 

Pratik Dongre

IIIT, Nagpur

Bose. X has been more than just a research-oriented group. It rather leads to igniting a spark of exploring interdisciplinary approaches in various fields. As students, being with Bose. X we have become more aware, more conscious, more curious and yet more humble.

Suyash Gaikwad

NIT Surat, Bose.X Member

BOSE.X Network


Knowledge Partner

 Spaceonova is a space education company with a vision to enable literally anyone to be a space technologist. Spaceonova aims to establish a global community of space exploration within the reach of all and enable the students to pursue careers in the field of space sciences.