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How to Maneuver the Brain for Productive Work?

Our brain is not as complicated as we think. Everything looks complex until we think about it.

I believe brain tuning is a bit more confusing. So, our primary focus is on what brain tuning is? Let's get to tune our minds to a particular frequency! Isn't it strange? Right, Our brain emits radiation with a specific wavelength according to different feelings. So, how do we know it does? There is a technique called ELECTRO-ENCEPHALOGRAPHY (EEG). It converts brain energy generated by neurons into waves. It uses neural feedback to recognize brain waves. We can say that neurons are releasing brain waves when they talk to each other in the form of synchronized electric signals. We measure brain waves, and we have classified by their frequencies into five different types named: Gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. When you feel tired, exhausted, depressed, and stressed, your brain generates low-frequency waves, and when you are happy, excited, then your brain is tuned to a higher frequency.

So, let's see their characteristics,

1. Gamma is in the high-frequency range (38-42 Hz), and it is for intense concentration. A highly focused mind generates gamma waves. The presence of gamma waves is the creation of advanced consciousness. Your brain's energy state is excited to higher energy. It requires the mind to be quiet and noise-free. Achieving gamma tuning is similar to removing noise from quantum computers, a bit challenging, but results are too impressive.

2. Beta is for problem-solving and enabling engagement. Solving puzzles and playing games generates beta waves. Its frequency range is (12-38). It is active when we are on high alert mode and a higher state of consciousness. The frequency range of 15-22 Hz is suitable for engaging with any task.

3. Alpha is for relaxing and recharging. Alpha waves have a frequency of range (8-12 Hz). It activates when we are in a relaxed mode. It helps your brain to restore energy. It is better to listen to alpha binaural beats when we are resting.

If you recall, Virus, in 3-idiots movie, used to listen to alpha binaural beats during a power nap.

4. Theta is for dreaming or "Autopilot mode." The frequency of theta waves is (3-8 Hz). It occurs mostly during sleep, learning. It is responsible for memory and learning quality. During this situation, the brain is unaware of outside and focused inside. Nightmares and dreams generation takes place.

5. Delta is for sincere, dreamless sleep. It has a shallow frequency range of (0.5-3). The brain is in sleep mode. It is also used in hospitals when patients can not resist pain and require fast healing.

Okay, so how this is going to benefit us from learning about them.

If you are reading this article till now means you have patience and a larger attention span. It is most valuable because attention span is decreasing with time due to social media engagement with people.

Almost 95% of people waste the most important stimuli in social media for temporary avoidance of boredom. Boredom is right for your brain because it gives creative ideas that revolutionized the world.

So, I will suggest some of the most straightforward tips that'll help you switch your mind from stressful to most relaxed and depressed to the happiest person. There are brain waves that I have introduced to you. So, by applying a particular frequency of waves to your brain, your brain will switch to a state of applied frequency.

  • Binaural beats: Listening to Binaural beats is similar to switching your brain wave frequency to that you are listening. It is available of different frequency binaural beats on the internet. You can listen to which type of mood you want. For example, alpha binaural beats help us recharge and relax. If you are feeling stressed, then listen to alpha binaural beats. If you are depressed, then you must listen.

NEURALINK chip (by Elon Musk) will have tuning options for frequency in your mind. It can help you to switch your moods and turn your work ethic into most productive.

  • Meditation and exercise: Regular meditation releases alpha brain waves, and hard workouts also release alpha brain waves. It is because your brain and body need to get recharge; therefore, alpha waves are automatically released.

And the most working solution, if you are depressed, stressed, then think about how your brain is working critically and understand which frequency you require to repair your brain health.

Now, you can tame your brain !!!

_By Bhavik Kasundra, Bose.X Member, BTech MED Student, NIT Surat.


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