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Why is Research Something I Crave Professionally?

Here I will try my best to provide insights into research workings and blend my own experience with the explanation of a few points on why I love doing research.

Continuous learning: Indeed, research is a constant learning process that does not matter if you are an expert. It reminds of a quote by Werner Heisenberg: Not only is the universe stranger, then we think, but it is also stranger then we can imagine. While working on different projects, you develop a lot of skill sets as per requirements: computational, theoretical, writing, and social skills. I find continuous joy in this ongoing learning.

Expands horizon: As a researcher, you dive into the ocean of unknown guided by your curiosity ultimately for the sake of whole humanity. Research expands our limits; it provides a fantastic perspective on life, nature, understanding, and cosmos. A good deal of knowledge will always bring humbleness, kindness, and will make you more human. A series of great scientists have tried hard to explain it to the general public. I love these fundamentals of our surroundings; it just adds on never substracts.

Research is a game: Humans tend to like sports indoor outdoor doesn't matter point is we love them because while playing, we deal with small challenges. We enjoy the moments when we complete these challenges; meanwhile, we develop relevant skills and face even more significant problems. It is a continuous cycle, and the amount of joy enhances after every period. Now trust me when I say research is the game that provides a variety of challenges pick them up as per your skills and enter into this continuous cycle of fulfillment.

Collaborations and Friendship: This is the backbone of a research career even if you are a child prodigy you will need cooperation and help from others at some point. Take, for example working on large projects such as LIGO, and CERN is impossible without international collaborations. Researchers collaborate and make new friends; the scale of diversity among collaborators is vast. You will work with people who understand your passion for people from different regions, and religion comes together to reveal the unknown. It fascinates me when I look at the large scale of diverse people working

together, and I intend to gain expertise from them by collaboration.

Flexibility and Freedom: Kind of flexibility you get as academia is the real deal. You can shape your work around other essential things in your life. o In a nutshell, every researcher is a leader of himself/herself and his/her work and plan. I feel grateful and enjoy this freedom a lot. This very freedom will gradually make you more serious and organized in your job.

I am not an expert or something in research and writing articles, but I am shelling out some words of wisdom I gain from my mentors and colleagues at Bose.X ( Either don't start or if you already have then make sure it is accomplished!)

_By Saurabh Sharma, Bose.X Member, Int-MSc Student at NIT Surat, India.


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