X Center for Renewable and Sustainable Development
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How to join

Please fill the form at https://www.bosex.org/join-x by selecting the XCAR as the research division or mail us at bosexorg@gmail.com. Please ensure you have the prerequisites required for joining the group.


Research Areas


Title: Demand response: The interweaving of humans and the power grid-G(Smart grid designing and optimization study)

SubCategory: Management Science and Engineering

Requirement: Coding


Title: Polymer batteries: Towards the recycling of batteries

SubCategory: Materials Science & Engineering Department

Requirement: MS(Material Science), Ch(Chemistry)


Title: Making Large Wind Farms More Productive, Less Expensive

SubCategory: Aeronautics and astronautics, and mechanical engineering, management science, and engineering

Requirement: M(Mechanical), C(Coding), CFD


Title: Wireless Power Transfer to a Moving Vehicle

SubCategory: Electrical engineering

Requirement: E(Electrical), M(Mechanical)