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24th of April 2021 Onwards

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The field of research is a mysterious maiden that is appealing as well as overwhelming sometimes. Due to its diverse nature, it holds a mammoth amount of information, and within this a chaos of information. But worry not, BoseX bring you an interactive talk series where researchers will share their journey, their life vision, their current research direction and the challenges they faced. It will give a unique opportunity to early career researchers to have a one on one discussion with people who transverse the path you are trying to take. So, do join us to gain information from their experiences and extract most of it from this opportunity.

The event was on

Date: April 24, 2021

Time: 8 PM IST

Please visit our YouTube channel for event recordings.

The Speaker,

Dr. Rajiv Krishnakumar

Quantum Computing Researcher


Rajiv Krishnakumar is a Quantum Computing Researcher with research interest in Quantum algorithm. He is currently the Executive Director in the R&D Engineering Team in Goldman Sachs. His work includes contributing to a technical paper on the creation of a quantum algorithm to price complex derivatives and the quantum resources it requires.

He was Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Quantum Machine Learning from Caltech. His work included:
-Developing and simulating quantum perceptron algorithms
-Contributing to the experimental design of the AT&T quantum communication network prototype
-Contributing to the experimental design of the MAGIS strontium interferometer project
-Creating highly entangled metrologically relevant states

He completed his Ph.D. and Masters from Stanford University where he worked on creating entangled states - known as spin-squeezed states - in cold atom ensembles and demonstrated their application to improving the precision of atomic sensors.

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